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Articles 绍兴升永通机械有限公司

14 November 2019


Join us on 19 December to get your last-minute questions answered to help you finalise your preferences.
11 November 2019


From a strong field of 18 diverse films, a judging panel of academics and students has chosen the top three films of this semester's Who is Sydney? competition.
23 October 2019


It's the last week of class, and you're not ready for a tutorial friendship to end. Our top tips will help you make the transition from classmates to real-world friends. 

18 October 2019


Not sure how to write an academic essay? From planning to formatting, third-year student Dona Sirimanne shares four simple steps to keep in mind when you're writing to help you take your essays to the next level.
23 September 2019


With assessment deadlines looming, third year Arts student Tiffany shares her top five ways to keep your energy levels high and make the most of your break.
13 September 2019


With projects ranging from Indigenous literacy to a plastic-free campus, these students are determined to make a positive impact, and create a better future.
02 September 2019


Most students will have heard of CAPS, but how many know what to expect from an appointment? First-year Economics student Avish Sharma spoke to CAPS about the services it provides and how to get the help you need.
30 August 2019


There’s always a chance to bag a bargain at the Chancellor’s Committee’s Book Fair. Here's your guide to the best hidden gems you can find in the Great Hall this year – and cheap textbooks are just the start.
30 August 2019


Whether you’re itching to start your future career or still not sure where you’re going, we’ve gathered some expert advice from employers to help you put yourself in good stead for life after uni.
26 August 2019


Following his recent media appearances talking about freedom of speech and freedom of political association, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr Michael Spence, has reached out to the University community on the topic.
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